Steve Fazekas
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I am a professional developer with experience in Web UI, Application Architecture & Development of web components using Wireframes, Photoshop and Interactive Prototypes on various platforms. Experienced in writing Single Page Apps (SPA) using vanilla JavaScript and Node.js (NPM), allowing for custom website prototyping, component building and site skinning for a variety of layouts.

I'm mostly known for web application (re)design and functional integration as implemented on eCommerce shopping sites, design of CRM / Sales tools, consumer facing websites and web based applications. I have maintained a continual focus on utilizing the latest in compilation methods of JavaScript and CSS for future UI/UX modifications.

I have worked on a variety of projects, which range from public facing websites, intranet websites, intranet applications, and stand-alone applications including websites from concept to completion. A majority of my recent work in the past 5 years has concentrated on Front-End UI SASS & JavaScript coding for responsive design, SPA architecture, and SDL/Tridion (CMS) component architecture.

Technical Tags: UX/UI Design, HTML5, JavaScript (ES5 and ES2015+), jQuery, Node (NodeJS), NPM / Brew / Bower / Yarn / Gulp, Adobe DTM / Analytics, SASS/CSS3, SVG Icons / Fonts, Ruby (Rack & Sinatra), TDD (Jasmine, PhantomJS), Maven, WCAG 2.0 / Section 508, gitHub, BitBucket, JSF/JSP templates & tagging & .NET templates, SDL Tridion, PostgresDB, MS SQL, mySQL

Alliance Data
May 2014 to Dec 15, 2017:Front-End UI Developer (Consultant)

Responsible for Alliance Data's Credit Card / Account Center (JSF) web templating & component system to utilize a refined SASS/CSS and JavaScript platform for Responsive displays.

Over the course of 3 years and 8 months, I've had an opportunity to accomplish the following "features":
- Tridion / SASS deployment architecture
- SASS/CSS "site skinning" for 300 clients with configurable variables
- SASS variables for Master template "themed layouts"
- Master Template & Hybrid Template Design (new page header/footer with legacuy content)
- Responsive navigation layouts (public & secure pages)
- iOS & Android touch device prototyping and troubleshooting
- JavaScript Application (re)Architecture
    Application core, Public & Secure main JS files
    Event handling for JSF AJAX responses (majorra)
    Custom Modules:
    - onReady & onLoad modules, including "load last" feature for third party JS
    - "logger / logall" module for console logs on/off per module
    - "ticker" module for capturing execution time per module (start & stop)
    - "runtime" module for setting application variables & functions for later use

Nationwide Insurance
October 2013 to May 2014: UI/UX Designer & Developer (Consultant)

Front-End Coding Specialist hired to convert desktop / adaptive website to a Responsive (RWD) Web Design by modifying existing CSS stylesheets for media queries, JavaScript / jQuery code while keeping existing HTML templates intact. Responsibilities include writing new CSS, utilizing new jQuery libraries for RWD, and providing & implementing recommendations for improvement on speed and efficiencies from a front-end perspective. As a member of the Tridion template implementation team, responsibilities include transitioning the static web templates of the new design structure to the team for building out the specific page component structural changes required. Overall, the project includes usability testing as well as browser and device-specific testing during each stage of the process in an agile team environment.

July 2012 to August 2013: Lead Front-End UI/UX Designer & Application Developer

Sole responsibility for creating and coding the front-end of a single page / multi-screen application which utilizes a JSON based .NET webservice to communicate the view layer to be displayed and updated using AJAX calls via a JavaScript / jQuery interface. JSON data attributes communicated business logic for the display of data and the functionality available to the user, such as create, edit, and delete functions. The JavaScript functions created for the application range from JSON data sorting and filtering to manipulation of form input fields based on previous selections.

Using JSON data, the app was built on jQuery and plugins including SlickGrid, UI Layout, Mustache Templates, Kendo UI HTML editor & charts, Meiomask, & SliderShock. Custom screens for Dashboard, Grid View, Details View, and custom sub-forms for complex workflow and filter forms were. (Manta Media, LLC)
Oct. 2008 to June 2012: Senior Web Developer @ (Manta Media, LLC)

I have coded many aspects of front-end interface including Company Search Results, individual Company Claimed pages, Company Claim forms, Member Profile, Member Badge, Manta Widget, and a number of other areas of the site.

Recent work includes redesign in June 2010 and in Feb. 2011.
HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery/Perl Template Toolkit

A few projects I worked on at (branding company) include (a Cleveland Clinic microsite), and (a City of Columbus initiative).
I was involved in all CSS design and layout, Classic ASP with an Oracle 10g back-end. I created the "Blog" and "Share Your Story" sections as well as the administrative tools for the admin users. The web HTML editor is FCKEditor.

Columbus / Scioto Valley Rugby Club
2003-2011 : Scioto Valley / Columbus Rugby Club: I redesigned the look of the Scioto Valley Rugby Club site in the June 2009 and had originally took over webmaster and coding duties. While I was a member of the club, I held several officer positions: Fields Chairmain (6 yrs), Recruiting Chairman (3 yrs), Vice President (1 yr), and President (3 years).

My ColdFusion experience updating the site included: writing custom (Youth Rugby, Winter Banquet, Volunteer, Player Signup) forms, customizing the (Kinky) calendar, and customizing our broadcast email to our club Google Gmail addresses which I have added to the site administration.

Miami University Rugby Club & Alumni Sites
March 2012 : Launched Miami Rugby website...
2003 : I created the Miami U. Rugby Alumni site with content editing admin: is a future project:
After continually searching nationally for Harley-Davidson FatBoy parts via Craigslist, I soon found that I really want to create a site that will be a mecca for dealers, used parts sellers, and buyers to interact and deal for parts. As the "new" Harley-Davidson of the 2000 era turns 10+ years old, there is a growing used parts market. In my spare time between rugby and fishing, among other things, this will be another passion of mine.

The navigation and interactive dispay is all tucked into JavaScript source files, and the few images which do exist are also tucked away in the CSS stylesheet. I plan to re-code the JavaScript a little bit to make the interactive menus a little more flexible for varying length content.
2005 : A mockup I created for ADFarrow for an ecommerce oriented site...
2001-2002 : I was pitching ecommerce to Harley Dealers...
E-Commerce / Shopping Carts (1999-2003)
The Shopping Cart:
The original shopping cart I wrote in 1999 was based off mainly JavaScript and a Perl or Classic ASP back end ordering system which wrote orders to files on the system, protected by a hidden URL and password system for the admin.

View the old version on: The WayBackMachine

From there, I created a version using a ColdFusion back-end which utilized SQL Server 2000 for the database access. It will had everything from ordering controls, product controls, image controls, related products editors, error tracking, and user stats reporting.

2001-2004: is a company in Muncie, Indiana, which contracted with me to implement shopping cart services for their site soon after 9/11. This was a concept to completion project. I designed their first "database-enabled" version of their website shown below. They provided the data and images for the site while I implemented the shopping system and administrative functions for the site. After two and a half years, they moved on to another ecommerce provider who also redesigned their site. Soon after, the provider called me to apologize for "taking" their business because it was more than he could handle... I was ok with that!

Most of the screens you see here are from, of which I did not specifically design the site, just the CSS and the cart. Chris Agro of was the designer.
Admin Menu:

This is an announcements / content editor:

When you would want to track users and activity, this is a custom database report:

Product Editor with strict Inventory Control:

Setting up Specials to Related Items:

PolarfrostUSA is a company I implemented my shopping cart for under Brian Pike of I have implemented several other shopping carts for him using JavaScript w/Perl or ASP for the ordering process. I have only gone so far as to tweek the design of the checkout pages, receipts, and admin pages for his sites.

SureGrip International
SureGrip International skate company's website I completed in 1998 and was the same design for about 10 years. I hired two designers to produce the 3D renderings of the skate images and virtual showroom under my direction, while I produced the website design and code. This site was originally coded for IE4 and Netscape 4.6.

Circa 1998 : These are screenshots of The SureGrip Virtual Showroom (Macromedia Director 7.0 presentation):
The Winners Circle & Sugarbush Gormet
The Winners Circle site I designed in June, 1996.

Sugarbush Gourmet
This is a site which needed help with search engine optmization on Google. I created an Email Messaging tool and Product Editor for their administration purposes.
I did not design their site or shopping cart.
These are examples of work I have done at JPMorganChase:

The first version of Private Client Services Intranet (1999):

The second version of PCS (2000):

The "PCS Desktop" integrated with the PCS Intranet via "Frames" (2000-2001):

My current project at JPMC is for "Back-up & Retention Certification" processes (Nov, 2005 - June 2007):

Policy Details page is one of the most important parts of this application.
This example includes multiple mouseover messages, hide/show content, and field checking scripts.

This is a Report Builder screen:

Content Editor for the home page, called Build Messages.
Code written in DHTML, JavaScript, and Perl.

The User Access Editor used by various user-role levels.
Concept to Completion took many steps to end up where it is today.

Adobe FLEX 2.01 using Ruby on Rails SOAP/XML Requests

NCS HealthCare (now Omnicare)
These are screenshots of NCS Interactive (Director presentation) at NCS HealthCare: